Friday, March 2, 2012

press release from anonymous warning the media

To The Media, We are Anonymous. We have been watching those of you who call yourselves “The Media” with great disdain as you fail to meet our expectations at doing what the people demand, Reporting news. For too long the media has given power to those who do not deserve it and did not rightly earn it. By reporting about the luxurious lives of movie stars and billionaires, you have knowingly and carelessly given power to those who do not care about anything else but their own egotistical lives. By being exposed to such narcissistic and pompous behavior through the media, many have been brainwashed by your propaganda into believing that these insignificant and meaningless stories are news. We are here to say, no more. No more shall the media pick and choose what the people hear as news. No more shall we allow you to report on Whitney Hudson when Syrian rebels push towards a civil war. No more shall we allow you to report on Jeremy Lin when the tension in the Middle East is mounting. No more shall we allow you to report on the Kardashians’s marital problems, Beyoncé’s baby drama, or Charlie Sheen’s drug problems when countries around the world are facing devastating financial bankruptcy. These Entertainment time-wasters have proven to be no more than a distraction to the people, as important news and headlines never get the justice they deserve. We are anonymous and we are here to say, you can no longer choose what is front-page material. Operation Occupy the Media is an ongoing operation supported by anonymous members all around the world to liberate the people from the distraction of major news media and the entertainment news that occupy the front pages of your websites, newspapers, and magazines. We shall be targeting all of your social media outlets and discussion boards to bring attention to actual issues that should be priority news. We will make it our duty to report the vital news while you, the ones in charge of informing the people, report on trivial, insignificant nonsense. We are tired of being misinformed by the media. We are tired of people having a deceiving sense of the word “Beautiful”. We are tired of the people focusing more on entertainment than their own rights and privileges which are being taken away slowly but surely. And we are tired of people having a false sense of priority through the reports by the media. Expect us media.

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